If you like rocking the natural brow look, you’re going to love Glossier’s clear version of their beloved Boy Brow

If you are someone gifted with thick dark eyebrows but are still looking to groom them into perfect arches without brushing them into dark cartoon brows, you’re in luck, because Glossier came out with clear Boy Brow to fulfill your needs! The latest addition to Glossier’s Boy Brow product family will help you create the same illusion of symmetry as the regular Boy Brow eyebrow product, except this one will shape while allowing your natural brow color to do the heavy lifting.

The mascara-like spoolie wand will fluff, shape, and caress your eyebrows into the matching facially flattering swans you’ve known them to be.

If you have yet to be introduced to Glossier’s Boy Brow family, they’ve generously shown you how the new clear addition of the cult-favorite works.

This video feels somewhat soothing and meditative with all the careful and consistent brush strokes, like a beauty product Bob Ross video.

Naturally, the clear Boy Brow can be used for any shade of eyebrow, so if you have light brows and wanna go for an au natural look you’re also in luck.

It was just released today, too! So it’s fresh out of the oven.

You can buy the Glossier Boy Brow in clear for $16 online and live your truth right now.

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