All the Glorious Times the ‘Friday Night Lights’ Cast Reunited IRL

It pays to like your colleagues, but when you stay in touch long after working together, you know your connection is golden. The cast of Friday Night Lights doesn’t need paychecks or call times to interact, and the respect and admiration they still have for each other is so adorable, that clearly closeness is part of what made the show exceptional.

At this year’s ATX Festival in Austin, some of the actors got together for the show’s annual screening and took a series of fun photos, among other cool things. It was a sweet, much-needed reunion, and it wasn’t the first for the actors on this heartwarming TV program. They’ve laughed together and cried together, both on and offscreen, and they were kind enough to share some of those intense feels with audience members. Here are all of the glorious moments the cast reunited like good teammates do.

ATX Festival 2014

This year, there was reminiscing, imbibing and lots of chatter about rumors on a film adaptation of Friday Night Lights. “I love that people are interested,” actor Derek Phillips divulged to TooFab. “There’s also a part of me that feels like we ended on a good note. I’d probably be open for it if they did do a movie but I just don’t see it happening. From everything I’ve heard, it doesn’t look like it’s going to go.”

Battleship premiere

Friday Night Lights creator Peter Berg directed the 2012 action flick Battleship, so it makes sense that two actors on the show, Taylor Kitsch and Jesse Plemons, appeared in the movie.

ATX Festival 2013

The Austin festival appears to be a great place for Friday Night Lights meetups! Last year, the cast came together for a panel at the big event and Kyle Chandler sang co-star/onscreen wife Connie Britton’s praises in the sweetest way ever, “I think it was within the first five minutes – you know sometimes you meet someone and it’s like ‘Oh, OK we’re in good shape here.’ The greatest thing between Connie and I, I think we both agree, is that when we’re working together we’re both fools, we like to play the fool but no matter what we always let the other person … fall as far as you want to. You always felt safe making the biggest fool you could of yourself.”

Britton agreed with his remarks, adding,“Right from the beginning, I think we both felt like we could trust each other, which was crazy but we did. I think the other thing that felt really important from the beginning was that we shared the same values about what we wanted that marriage to be, which we shared with the writers. We really wanted that marriage to be about two people who were committed to being married to each other, through thick and through thin, as opposed to having affairs and all those dramatic things that happen on other TV shows.” Their marriage is part of what made the series so grand.


Earlier this year, NBC madea Parenthood webisode featuring Landry’s band Crucifictorious. Billy Riggins was the party crashing groupie who traveled with the band and made his usual drunken mess all over the Luncheonette Studio. And Landry got to share a smooch with Parenthood’s Mae Whitman after she calls him “Lance” by mistake like Coach Taylor always did.

On Instagram

I mean, how cute are these dapper gentlemen?! In October, Scott Porter posted this heartwarming image on Instagram as further proof that the cast is close and still hangs out as a group. Zach Gilford, you get me every time! That smile is lethal!

Zach Gilford’s wedding

Of course, Zach Gilford got hitched last year, so it’s not entirely appropriate for me to swoon over him. Instead I’ll swoon over the fact that Jesse Plemons played guitar at the ceremony. I mean, come on!

Please let there be a movie. Or an app for keeping up with their hangouts and reunions. These people clearly love each other, and that makes our love for the brilliant series eternal. #TexasForever

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