Glorious images of patriotic toast to inspire your July 4th breakfast

They say there’s nothing as American as apple pie, but let’s be real for a second. Baking a beautiful apple pie can take some serious time and skill. And America is all about being inclusive, even to those who may have a hard time baking decadent dishes.

That’s why we’re proud to unveil a true phenomenon…patriotic toast. People who go above and beyond to make sure their simple, warmed up bread is as visually stunning as it is tasty to eat.

Behold, these proud pictures of toast transformed into patriotic glory.

Toast with banana slices cut the long way to honor our long history of supporting all cooking styles.

Blueberries in a circle inspired by Betsy Ross’ original flag design.

The bottom may look like French toast, but the top is screaming All-American.

A little bit messy but still beautiful just like us.

The many layers of this toast’s foundation are a true representation of the complicated layers of our own country’s foundation.

An avant-garde interpretation of the flag.

These colors are a little more subtle but still just as beautiful.

Toast with raspberries because why should strawberries get all the red glory?

And finally, toast that has been completely transformed into our national bird.

Happy 4th to you America and toast-lovers everywhere!