Gloria Steinem Comes to Kim Kardashian’s Rescue

Admittedly, I am not Kim Kardashian’s biggest fan. But I am also not likely her most fervent hater. When she and Kanye started dating, I, along with most of the media, rolled my eyes. Publicity stunt (yawn). Kanye needs some new song material (yawn). Adds an edge to Keeping Up With the Kardashians (yawn). Actually, I really loved it when he Kanyed her closet and have since asked my boyfriend to do the same (he refused). And I, along with most of the media, assumed it would fizzle out fast. But it didn’t and now there’s a baby Kimye on the way and everyone is going bonkers over the shape of her pregnant body and for the first time in my life, I feel a tinge of pity for Kim Kardashian.

Apparently, so does Gloria Steinem. The 79-year-old feminist icon had this to say about the way scrutiny Kim has endured while with child:

What do you think about the “fat-shaming” that Kim is unwillingly enduring? I think it’d be kind of great if she gave everyone the finger and embraced the bulge. Her body ain’t nobody’s business but her own! But girl, maybe get Kanye to pick you up some ice cream and some designer kaftans and ride the rest of this thing out in comfort. I’ll hold onto those Louboutins for you. I got your back (this time).

Featured image courtesy of Huffington Post

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