Gloria Steinem just explained why 2015 was a pivotal year for feminism

When Gloria Steinem opens her mouth, brilliance pours forth. So of course, we all stop what we’re doing and pay rapt attention whenever this great lady holds court.

Recently, Steinem spoke with Fortune, and she gave us all the quote-gems, as she is wont to do.When asked about the current feminist movement, Steinem said:

While progress is thrilling, Steinem notes that the momentum of 2015 also puts feminism in a most precarious position.

So how can we continue down the right path without sliding backwards? Steinem rightly believe that we need to increase our ranks, with men AND women.

“We need more everybody—women and men. I think there are way, way, way more men now who really understand that we are all prisoners of gender. There are many, many more men who are supportive because they also want to be closer to their children or see their daughters respected for their talents, or understand that violence against women is a root of other violence. For whatever reason, there are many more.”

With regards to feminist dudes, Steinem believes that men taking on “traditionally female” roles is what makes them complete human beings.

“…it is crucial for men to play an equal role in raising kids because that’s how men become whole people. That’s how they develop the patience, attention to detail, empathy—all these qualities that are wrongly called feminine but are present in all human beings. That’s crucial.”

In terms of what issues to give attention to,  Steinem believes we need to put a huge focus on ending violence against women.

Gloria, we could listen to you talk literally forever, and we promise we’re using literally correctly.

Check out the whole interview here.

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