Here are the most powerful signs from today’s global climate strike

Millions of people are taking a stand against climate change by participating in the global #climatestrike today, September 20th. In 150 countries around the world, students are walking out of schools and adults are leaving their offices to strike for proactive climate change policies that will make for a better world and future.

These rallies were sparked by 16-year-old (and Nobel Peace Prize nominee) Greta Thunberg of Sweden last December and have grown monumentally since. Now, millions of students have joined Thunberg’s Fridays for Future movement, which encourages students to walk out of their classrooms on Fridays to urge their political leaders to address climate change.

Adults are joining in the campaign, too. This week, September 20th through 27th, was named Global #WeekForFuture, and the first day has already garnered millions of supporters.

Gripping images of the global climate strike are spreading around the world on social media. Here are some of the most powerful signs being raised at demonstrations today.


More powerful images are sure to come during the #WeekForFuture.

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