Um…we’re facing a global champagne shortage and WE’RE FREAKING OUT

Rot, mildew, and frost never signal good things, but this year they are causing catastrophic problems for champagne lovers. It’s looking like there might be a bubbly shortage, and we are having some major anxiety over it.

Winemaker Eric Rodez, from the family-owned Champagne Rodez in Ambonnay told the wine-industry publication, Decanter, that the 2016 growing season has been “the most complicated Champagne has known since the very difficult season of 1956.”

These complications could result in a 10% drop in production from the Champagne region in France, but don’t change your brunch drink of choice just yet. Charles Philipponnat, General Manager at Champagne Philipponnat, told Decanter that to meet the 2016 yields, growers and houses will have to dig heavily in their reserves.

That means that we probably won’t run out of our favorite sparklers, but it’s probably going to be a smidge more expensive in the stores.

You do have options, however. You can run out and buy up all the bubbly your little arms can carry; OR you can switch to a yummy prosecco or moscato.

But whatever you do, don’t spray that fizzy, festive drink all over the place in celebration… it’s far too valuable these days.