Carry all of your precious cargo in this glittery purse

A purse is more than a functional item that you use to transport your day-to-day belongings. It can also hold the utmost secrets of its possessor. This is why you shouldn’t choose any old bag to carry your life’s arsenal. You need something magical, mystical and something pretty to look at.

Lux De Ville makes the most adorable retro-inspired handbags, and their Starlite Kiss Lock purse is no exception. This sparkly mint green design will make the perfect portable home for your wallet, makeup and those aforementioned secrets. Speaking of wallets, you can even get one to match your purse. Want it in a more classic color? The Starlite Kiss Lock also comes in black, red and other sweet shades like violet and this gorgeous blue.

Starlite Kiss Lock, $88

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