This Glittery Pink Valentine’s Day Makeup Look Is Trending On TikTok

Go all out with your Valentine's Day look or opt for a minimalist vibe: These tutorials make it easy!

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day comes around each and every year. And whether you’re single and ready to mingle or attached, roughly half of you are looking to use it as an excuse for a night out on the town with your S.O. (or a potential spouse).

In fact, according to a recent WalletHub survey, 26 percent of singles plan to go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day this year even if they don’t have a date. 70 percent of people view it as a great opp for a first date, and 33 percent ramp up their online dating activity during this time period.

In any case, whether your plans this year involve a date night with your hubby, a first date, or a night out with the girls, you’ll want to have your Valentine’s Day makeup on point. We found this easy-to-do makeup look trending on TikTok, and it’s full of pink, glittery fun. If that’s not your vibe, we have some minimal makeup options too.

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Try this glittery pink cat eye look for Valentine’s Day

@AliceKingMakeup went all in with this glittery, romantic look. She starts with a magenta liquid liner to draw an exaggerated cat eye, then fills in the entire area with a liquid shadow in the same shade.

Next, King applies a small, heart-shaped sticker to use as a stencil and paints a sparkly silver shadow on top of the magenta using a small eyeshadow brush.

She finishes by peeling off the sticker to reveal the heart and applies the same magenta shade along the lower lash line. It’s an adorable look that certainly makes a statement!

Or, try this minimal makeup look that emphasizes your lips and cheeks for Valentine’s Day

We promised something for the minimalists too, and @CharmieJanee delivers with this “natural but sultry” tutorial. Instead of emphasizing her eyes like @AliceKingMakeup did, Charmie focuses on her lips and cheeks.

“It’s romanticizing those deep reds on the cheeks and the lips,” Charmie explains in the video. She begins by applying a serum all over her face for a dewy sheen and tops it with a skin tint so it’s not a heavy base.

Then, she does some basic contouring with a bronzer and applies it just below her brows in place of eye shadow for a “natural, lifted look.”

Next, it’s onto the star of the show: the cheeks. Charmie applies a bright color to the apples of her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose, then blends. She applies it heavily so that she can use the “cloud skin technique,” Charmie says. Taking some powder foundation, she blots it on top of the blush to set the look and “calm the blush down a bit.”

Since you don’t want a completely matte look, she uses a cream highlighter and dabs on cheekbones, above the blush, then swipes a powder bronzer across her eyelids.

Finally, Charmie says to find the “perfect deep red shade” lipstick for you and apply it to your lips using your finger (to smooth out the edges and give it a softer look) for the perfect pout. The finished look is “simple, natural, and sexy but still says Valentine’s,” she claims.

Be sure to bring your lipstick to reapply throughout the night if you plan on doing lots of smooching!

Give it a try and let us know what you think! Whichever you choose, we’re sure your look will be ‘gram-worthy on Valentine’s Day.

Jené Luciani Sena
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