PSA: This glittery eyebrow trend is dangerous

Miley Cyrus closed out 2015 with a bright, beautiful, glittery bang: Just when we thought she was done experimenting with her look for the year, she introduced us to glittery brows. She posted an image on Instagram captioned, “Gettin weady fo tonight folks! Distract from pimpzzZz byyyy doin collllaaaaa brow! (Pimple pimpz).” Basically, Miley said she dazzled up her brows so that people would be busy staring at their fierceness they wouldn’t notice her acne. It’s a distraction tactic, and it works wonderfully.

Because it’s kind of awesome, it inspired a host of online tutorials and DIYs. Some of the brave women at BuzzFeed decided to roadtest the trend in real life, and the results were not what they expected. Some people were delighted by the sparkle, while others were just confused, but the most surprising thing is what happened when the girls tried to remove the glitter.

They each lost a good amount of eyebrow hair. It appears they each used a different removal method (coconut oil, acetone, and medical-grade adhesive remover), but it didn’t seem to matter what they used. The culprit appears to be what they used when they applied their glitter: eyelash adhesive. Watch the video to see their struggles.

That’s definitely not the way anyone wants to end their day. If you still want to try the glittery eyebrow trend after watching that, there are a couple of precautions you’ll want to take beforehand. Be sure that you’re using eye-safe glitter. Craft glitter not your friend for this beauty look — or for any beauty look. Cosmetic-grade glitter is produced differently than craft glitter, which makes it safer than craft glitter to put on your face — especially so close to your eyes!

Secondly, do not use a latex adhesive, such as eyelash glue, for this look, as the women did in the video. You can cover your brows with a thin coating of Vaseline or use hair gel. You might experience more initial fall out with this look, but you won’t lose your eyebrows over it.

Finally, do not use acetone to remove glitter from your eyebrows! A waterproof makeup remover or oil-based cleanser, such as coconut oil (as mentioned in the video), should more than suffice for removal of the glitter, especially if you stay away from glue.

(Image via Instagram.)

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