Glitter roots is a thing that is taking over the Internet world

You heard right. There is yet another hair trend the Internet is freaking out over and we’re desperate to try. This time it’s glitter roots! Yes, the roots of your hair but with GLITTER! How amazing does that sound?!

I did the ombre thing but I’m not sure I’m bold enough for a glitter root – actually, maybe for a holiday or New Year’s Eve party though?? Okay, I’m psyched.

There are some awesome glitter roots popping up on IG lately including from Pretty Little Liars‘ Lucy Hale – sadly not on her head but still! A Lucy endorsement is good enough for me.

I’m personally into this picture of the glitter roots trend:  

 And agree that it definitely IS a party in the back. I’m now wondering if this trend could be used to cover not only your roots growing out but maybe also your hair being at the 3rd day without washing when your stylist told you to wait 4 days between washing…hmmm…

This whole image is amazing so kudos on that! I’m pretty much down to look at any hair trend IG is going to give me so I love glitter roots and can’t wait for the next!

[All images via Instagram, Featured/center image by Christina Marie Riley (@_cmarier)]

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