Introducing Glitter Pits, in case you want another place to put glitter on your body

So, we’ve been loving the sudden explosion of glitter beauty trends lately. Glitter lips, glitter roots, glitter beards — we want glitter everything!

Good news: there’s a new sparkling fashion that has been growing in popularity on Instagram, and it combines glitter with armpit hair. No, you’re not dreaming. Glitter pits are a thing, and they are amazing.

Women have showed their grown out armpit hair on social media as a friendly reminder that shaving is a choice, not a requirement — you do whatever makes you feel the most wonderful. Even Miley Cyrus has flashed her underarm hair, dyed a gorgeous turquoise. If you’ve got the hair, why not decorate it?

Thus is the spirit of the glitter pit movement. It’s a great reminder never to take our bodies too seriously — they’re just bodies and they are all beautiful … especially when they are covered in sparkles!

Check out some of these fabulous ways to incorporate glitter into your deodorant routine:

Here’s some regular gold glitter.

Look, you don’t even need to grow out your hair to participate.

Go super glam …

… Or low key.

Glitter pits definitely pulls together a “going out” ensemble.

Try matching with a friend.

You will feel like a glitter champion!

(Image via Instagram.)