Glitter lips are on trend right now, so let’s all just process that together

Who else remembers buying roll-on glitter at Bath and Body Works? The little containers were so amazing, and each color matched its scent: Pineapple was yellow, strawberry was pink, juniper breeze – which remains a mysterious alien plant to me – was a perfect periwinkle. Oh man, I used to cover myself in that stuff. Bath and Body roll-on glitter substituted for eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick before I was allowed to buy real makeup. I loved it.

And now, glitter is making a huge comeback. Say it with me: glitter lips. Don’t mind the noise, that’s just my seventh grade self, squealing with joy.

Yes, glitter lips are not only a thing, they are a fashionable thing. Sparkly pouts started popping up at New York Fashion Week, when Project Runway contestant Kelly Dempsey used sparkles on models’ lips for her 70’s roller disco-themed show. Now, beauty gurus of Instagram are showing off their own interpretations of the trend and the unicorn emoji barely begins to express how I really feel right now.

Look at this.

Aren’t your eyes the happiest they’ve been all day?!

Peacock goals.

So sassy it might be witchcraft.

Are you kidding me right now?

Want, need.

These lips makes Vegas look boring.

Even these casual pink lips are STUNNING.

To create the glitter lip at home, apply lipstick as usual, and tap fine glitter overtop. Creamy lipsticks work the best. To seal the sparkle, carefully cover with chapstick, lip balm, lip-gloss, or even Vaseline. Then, powder powder powder. This will keep the glitter on lockdown – you don’t want to be shedding everywhere – and get rid of any access flecks.

Ok, I have to go dig through the dark corners of my bathroom to see if I have any roll-on glitter left from a decade ago. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t. It’s probably for the best.

(Image via Instagram.)