Stop everything: “Glitter concealer” might be the greatest make-up hack of all time

By and large, we can all agree that dark under-eye circles suck. In addition to looking tired, you have a constant reminder that you didn’t get enough sleep. Well, glitter concealer might be the greatest make-up hack for those pesky bags under your eyes. Not to mention an amazing statement piece for any fashionista out there.

This beauty trick is part of a video series from Refinery29 called Short Cuts. On the whole, they aim to educate and empower men and women who love all things beauty. Their super-short format is perfect for a person on the go, a professional beauty guru, or just a novice make-up lover. Because it is so easy, anyone can do it!

Ordinarily, a lot of people try and stay away from glitter. And hey, fair. It gets all over everything. But we love glitter, and we know we’re not alone. In any event, this particular make-up hack is something you will want to try out for yourself.

Step One

Apply your favorite concealer to the area underneath your eyes. Don’t go too heavy, but apply enough so there is a base for the glitter to stick to.

Step Two

Before your concealer dries, you’ll need to press chunky glitter to the area using a flat brush. You can always also use your fingers. Brushes might be better if you are going for a precise look.

Step Three

Press a more fine version of the glitter onto the same area to fill in the negative space. That way it looks multi-dimensional.

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Is this look office appropriate? Probably not. (Although, hey, we don’t know your office; maybe it is!) But who is to say that you can’t enjoy this on a weekend? It’s easy and cheep! Plus your under-eyes will look fabulous.

And for those who are more adventurous, why not do you whole face using glitter?

May your eyes sparkle forever!