Here is a teeny tiny glimpse of what might be Camila Cabello’s solo music career

For months now, rumors of Camila Cabello going solo have swirled around the Fifth Harmony universe and thanks to a short 3-second snippet of a tweet, we are getting a glimpse at what could be the 19-year old singer’s solo music career. false

Apparently last month, the above tweet of a rose emoji was sent to producer Cashmere and it’s rumored to be the name of the song that is supposedly dropping this Friday, August 26. Although we’re just given a teeny, tiny, minuscule soundbite of Cabello’s crooning, we have to say that we’re definitely into this and want to hear more!

Camila’s music career launched in 2012 when she joined Fifth Harmony on the X Factor. The five-piece all-girl group is actually the most  successful artist to come out of the U.S. version of the talent competition, with 7.5 million records sold since their debut album Better Together was released in 2013. Fifth Harmony released their latest album, titled 7/27, earlier this year.

Most recently, Cabello posted videos of herself and friends playing guitar and jamming in the park, which we’re a little upset about because where was our invite?!

The 19-year old X Factor alum is also currently on tour with Fifth Harmony through September but after that…a solo career?

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