Working out with a glass of wine might be 2016’s newest exercise trend

Feeling motivated to exercise can be tough. Like, even though you may already be wearing work out clothes, actually doing the working out part is hard. Unless maybe there’s something in it for you (you know, aside from all the benefits of exercise)… like a glass of wine, perhaps. Or a cocktail. Or whatever your choice of drank may be.

Fitness enthusiast April Storey has made a video that makes the case for working out with a glass of wine. And not just as a reward for when you’ve completed 20 squats — actually drinking the wine as you work out.

Storey’s original video she posted of herself and wine working out together in her home has over 19 million views, and it’s been featured on People, CNN, The Today Show and Good Morning America.

Storey meant for the video to be somewhat funny, because taking a sip of wine as you reach the bottom of a push-up obviously can’t be taken too seriously. But the workout is totally relatable, because all the exercises she does are doable and something you can do in your own home.

“I have noticed that the fitness videos normally show these incredibly fit athletes performing these intimidating workout moves and the majority of the population can’t relate to that,” Storey told The Observer.

The majority of us are just everyday students, employees, dads, and moms trying to find that balance between reaching our health goals and also enjoying the things we love. They liked the video because it embodied that. Plus it was funny!”

After the success of her original video, she posted this follow-up Partner Wine Workout video with her best friend, because working out (and drinking wine) is way more fun with a friend.  // < ![CDATA[
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