Glass nails are a prismatic work of art on your fingertips

Aren’t you sick of waiting around wishing you could glue diamonds on your fingernails? Me too. Lucky for us, there’s a sparkly new nail art trend bouncing around Instagram, and it might be the next best thing to diamond nails – definitely less expensive, anyway.

Introducing glass nails, an invention of manicurist genius Eun Kyung Park, who founded the Unistella salon in South Korea. These prismatic wonders are created with see-through foils. The iridescent material can either be cut and arranged like nail-bed-sized stained glass windows, or even crinkled up and glued onto the nail like mini mountain ranges. Both versions are absolutely stunning.

Though pastel pinks and pearly, glowing whites seem to be the most popular color choices for the glass nail look, some artists have also experimented with royal blues and deep purples, and the result is out of this world.

Here are some of the most gorgeous examples from around the beauty corner of Instagram:

Seriously, just look at all the stunning options you have with glass nails.

These are unreal. If my heart eyes get any bigger, I’m worried my head might explode.

(Image via here.)

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