This sketch about a board game called The Glass Ceiling is funny ‘cuz it’s true

There’s a reason board games are as fantastical as Candyland, because if they were based on real life, they’d be kind of depressing. At least, that’s the case for The Glass Ceiling board game in this Comedy Central sketch all about women trying (and failing) to advance in their careers.

The hilarious sketch features three little girls sitting around the fun new board game, The Glass Ceiling, totally pumped as if they’re about to play Girl Talk. But as they pull out cards and make their choices, they quickly learn — surprise! — there are a ton of land mines for women’s advance in the workplace. And that the things that hold them back don’t even make sense.

For instance, one card reads, “Your Ivy League education hasn’t gone unnoticed. It makes your boss, Doug, feel emasculated. The promotion goes to Blake who didn’t even get a degree. Move back one space.”


The cards depict other all-too-familiar scenarios, like women being told they’re “distracting” male co-workers simply for existing or being sexually harassed by their superiors — and then being punished for speaking up.


No matter what cards the girls choose playing the game, they end up moving back a few spaces, or worse, losing their jobs altogether.

“None of these choices get you above the glass ceiling!” one player remarks.

Now you’re getting it!” the narrator replies.


This parody is so on point, perfectly calling out sexist workplace dynamics and the unfair obstacles women have to climb to succeed in their work.


While we wish this sketch didn’t have to exist in the first place, it makes us laugh while still raising awareness about an issue that isn’t going away. If workplace sexism seems ridiculous in this sketch, then hopefully people will see how ridiculous it is in real life.

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