Come fall, GlamGlow’s new “Power Rangers”-themed masks will have you mighty morphin into the villains

Get your wallets out because this upcoming launch will release your inner tween. The Power Rangers movie came out in March, but GlamGlow and the teen heroes have a project in the works that are just as fun and colorful.

The five titular warriors are all very cute and fresh-faced, but the new collab between the California-based beauty brand and the superhero franchise focuses on the villains of the story. That’s right, evil is the new sexy!

GravityMud is one of GlamGlow’s best-selling and most viral products, so it makes sense that they’d team up with the Power Rangers on a fun, selfie-worthy mask. The mask-like treatments help to make skin feel firmer and look more defined. Plus, they just look cool. Power Rangers nemesis Rita Repulsa and her warrior henchman Goldar have inspired this next incarnation of the mud mask.

A peek at the forthcoming collab.

The new Power Rangers GravityMud changes colors as it dries to a shiny metallic finish. The peel-off formula reveals tightened and radiant skin that’s primed and ready for a paint job. If you’re not ready to don full galactic warrior armor, this is a pretty good first step in that direction. (And you’ll be stepping into battle with a flawless face.)

Rita’s trademark green.


Green chrome mud is out of this world.


The Power Rangers Green and Power Rangers Gold masks turn metallic green or gold as they dry…how cool is that? The limited-edition treatments goes on sale in September for $39 a tube.

All gold everything.


Rita’s warrior buddy Goldar inspired this luxe treatment.

It’ll be impossible to feel anything but opulent with a solid gold face.


We can’t wait to get our crazy-sexy-evil on this fall!

Buy the GlamGlow x Power Rangers collection via or Sephora come September for $39 each.