This glam butterfly centerpiece will turn any room in your house into a ~sparkle den~

What’s better than a little bling and some beautiful butterfly wings? Fans of glitz and glitter, this one’s for you. We’ve got a simple DIY for an added spring touch to your home décor or your next outdoor event. Transform your dining room table with this sparkling butterfly-themed centerpiece. Got a spring party planned? Up your hostess game and make this easy craft! It will guaranteed bring some sparkle and shine to any tablescape.

With a few steps, you’ll have yourself a glamorous centerpiece with colorful jewels and mystical fairy stems. Oh, and don’t forget the glittery butterflies to add the finishing touch! Check out the video below to create one of your own.

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Glam Butterfly Centerpiece


Large vase
Styrofoam base for floral arrangements
Artificial leaf stems
Glitter butterflies
Acrylic floral arrangement jewels
Glass or plastic crystals
Glue or permanent adhesive tape


1. Make sure the styrofoam base will fit inside the vase, and cut it down to size if needed.
2. Cut artificial leaf stems to desired height and stick them into the styrofoam base.
3. Place the styrofoam base into the vase.
4. Attach glitter butterflies to the branches with glue or other permanent adhesive.
5. Fill the vase with acrylic jewels and crystals