So THIS is what Gisele Bündchen feeds her kids for breakfast

If you’re wondering how supermodels and their children achieve that radiance all year round, the answer is actually pretty simple! And totally in the realm of what we can do ourselves. Also, it’s kinda funny.

People let us know that Gisele Bündchen’s secret weapon to keep her kids healthy is tricking them into thinking they’re eating ice cream!

Literally. This woman is savvy and smart (remember her savage Halloween candy policy?), and we love that she’s encouraging her kids to eat a super-healthy breakfast.

And not only does she plan the kids breakfast, she makes it for them every morning. Knowing that variety is the key to everything, Bündchen makes scrambled eggs and toast (gluten-free of course) sometimes, then other times she introduces coconut yoghurt (YUM!), pancakes, avocado, and acai with berries and banana!

Yup, the secret weapon is acai, which she tries to pass off as ice-cream.

We’re taking a page out of Bündchen’s book for so many reasons. Apart from the brilliant and delicious-sounding acai with berries and banana (which you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy!), she and her family eat fresh veggies from their garden, and maintain an active lifestyle that doesn’t involve any coffee (she does drink tea though).


She’s just the best, right? Healthy and varied and delicious breakfast… HERE WE COME!