Gisele Bündchen just became the first model to go makeup-free on the cover of “Vogue Italia”

As one of the prolific supermodels in the fashion industry, Gisele Bündchen is no stranger to gracing magazine covers all over the word. But in the latest issue of Vogue Italia, the retired runway model made history. For its February issue, Bündchen gave Vogue Italia an inside look at her life at home with her husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and their kids. And in doing so, the model has become the first cover star to grace the magazine sans makeup.

The stunning Vogue Italia cover shot features a gorgeous bare-faced Bündchen posing early in the morning in the kitchen of her Boston home. And guys, she’s wearing Bugs Bunny slippers! While you’d think it might be hard to look like a supermodel that early in the morning, Bündchen looks completely natural.

But in committing to giving Vogue Italia a real glimpse of her home life, Bündchen not only went bare-faced for the shoot, she was also shot using only natural light and didn’t use a stylist, which is, yes, another first for the magazine.

It turns out that sometimes the stars really are just like us at home, sort of.

The issue, which drops on February 6th, just days after Brady and the Patriots duke it out against the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII, features Bündchen, Brady, and their kids Benjamin and Vivian living picturesque New England lives in a sprawling Chestnut Hill villa.

While magazines have started to embrace more natural covers, we love that Gisele Bündchen chose to make her Vogue Italia shoot all natural.

Throughout the shoot, Bündchen also posed with her family’s adorable pups and went on a little trip down memory lane with old family photos. The supermodel’s Vogue Italia cover happens to coincide with Brady’s docuseries Tom vs. Time — giving us a double dose of the inside life of one of the most famous couples in the world.

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