Girls We Love: The Julie Gristlewhite Edition

Last season, sexy fireman, Mark Orlando, was the prize to be won on Burning Love. And boy did he have a ton a sweet honeys to choose from. His honey-hopefuls ranged from: sweet-n-homeless Willow (Malin Akerman) to the hottie with a strict no-underwear policy Haley (Natasha Leggero) to Julie Gristlewhite (June Diane Raphael) the dental hygienist whose mood swings were as wide as her smile. Julie’s time at the dance might have been cut short last season, but she is the star of Burning Love Season 2! Julie and I met for a mani/pedi/threading at the Beverly Centre in Los Angeles to discuss her big score. 

Well, well, well, Julie Gristlewhite, you have come a long way from being the gal who was prematurely kicked to the curb. The tables are turned and you are in the driver’s seat! Eat your heart out Fireman Mark! Is it fair to say that your emotions got the better of you last season?

That’s definitely fair to say, thank you!

I was rooting for you, partially because I thought you had the prettiest eyes, but also because I thought you were there for the right reasons. The moment you opened up to Mark, he dumped you. Was he an emotional cripple?

Well, from my experience most men get scared when they see a woman cry or throw herself on the ground in hysterics, or try to jump out of a car and stuff…. so I don’t blame Mark. After going through this journey I have a lot more sympathy for what Mark went through. Being adored by so many good looking suitors IS NOT as easy as you would think. I hold no ill will toward Mark.  And I got so many tweets from my awesome fans who thought he should have picked me. At the end of the day I think my tweets are always right.

Mark was gorgeous. He had the kind of body that you could experience night after night and still learn new things about it, you know? Must have been tough to see that go….

Mark Orlando does a fantastic job of keeping fit, as do SO MANY OF MY SUITORS THIS SEASON! I am blown away and humbled and inspired by the bodies of Julie’s men! I do not have the kind of commitment they have so it’s truly awesome for me to see.

Julie, you deserve love and I hope for our sake you’ve found it. Was it nerve-wracking having all that testosterone aimed in your direction?

I love testosterone! Looking back, I think it’s why I was drawn to a lesbian for a spell. I have never had that many men interested in me so this was definitely a new “experience” and like I said at the time, it’s not as easy as people think. HOWEVER, I just tried to really be my best self. And I did that with the help of a number of prescription medications and chardonnay blends.

How much fun is it to have all these guys focusing on you and only you? From the looks of it, you have some real dreamboats to choose from. What’s more important to you, looks or personality?

Honestly, I think personality is SOOOO IMPORTANT! The problem is, it’s hard to see a great personality if you don’t like the packaging it comes in. So for Julie, looks are always number one. To get a bit more specific, I prefer a good body over a good face, but ideally both would be on point!

Do you think your work as a dental hygienist prepared you for this journey?

100%! The teeth are the mirror to the soul. -Julie Gristlewhite (trademark pending). Our teeth are both our history and our future – Julie Gristlewhite (trademark pending).

Gristlewhite… is that Puerto Rican?

I wish! I love latin men. They are muy caliente.

With so many hours clocked in as a gal about town, do you have dating no-nos you can share with us?

You know your girl, Julie is gonna tell you the truth! One thing I have found really useful is to deny my instincts. I show them my real self by showing them my opposite self! This seems to warrant the best result. Also, always floss after every meal!

Sometimes I have big feelings on a 1st date. Should I release them or hold them in?

Gurl, you have to tell him. This might be your husband! Can you imagine!???? If you build it they will come. Refer to him as your husband to the waitress and maitre d’ etc, and then perhaps he will become just that!

How far is too far to go on a first date and how far is not far enough?

I can’t answer this question without knowing how hot the guy in question is. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!  But as a general rule I’m pretty easy.

Is there one moment that sticks out to you as “peculiar” this season?

Seeing men cry over me. That was just too great! Hahahahaah.

Last season there was an elderly contestant and a gal with a monkey heart. Did any of your fellas fall into surprising age groups or have animal parts?

Well unfortunately one of my bachelors was a preemie. I tried very hard not to treat him like a carnie freak. Because “carnie freak” is only a small percentage of who that amazing man is.

Did you feel in control or out of control of your emotions this season?


Last season Mark gave the ladies he was interested in – a hose. Are you giving your gentleman callers something special to hold?

I am offering my gentleman a chance to hold my box. It’s a ring box with a flame of love inside it. My box is so beautiful!

Well Julie, thank you for talking to HelloGiggles and thank you for searching for true love. You are a true American hero and we salute you. We will be watching Burning Love Season 2 on Yahoo! tonight! And we will be rooting for you, Julie Gristlewhite!

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