Girls We Love: The Happy Endings Edition

They’re sexy, they’re funny, they’re the ladies of Happy Endings and they are certainly Girls We Love. Casey Wilson, Elisha Cuthbert and Eliza Coupe talk bloopers, Pinterest and the Harlem Shake. I got to sit down with the girls individually and asked them a few Qs.

The physical comedy seems to have been amped up this season. I laughed out loud at every fall, tumble and crash. What’s your favorite Happy Endings physical comedy moment?

Casey Wilson: I love in the “pranks episode” when Elisha’s character got pranked and an airbag went off in the couch and she sprang into the ceiling. Amazing. I also loved when Penny (and this was not me, so I’m not taking any credit, it was my stunt double) went through the glass at the car dealership.

Elisha Cuthbert: I’d have to say getting shot through the ceiling. During the “prank episode”, everyone got their fair share of physical stuff to play with. Even the damn limo got blown up!

Eliza Coupe: I think it was definitely when Casey went through the plastic wrap, after she had gone through the glass at the car dealership. When that sticky plastic got stuck in her hair and she kinda stumbled over to the chair and sat down annoyed and defeated, it took everything in my power to not break. I was biting the inside of my lip that entire scene.

If you could cast old-timey sitcom stars in your role, who would you choose?Casey:  For Penny, it would have to be Valerie Harper: Rhoda-style from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Elisha: The most amazing, 90 years young Betty White. The queen of comedy timing. She would be the best Alex.

Eliza: Maybe Lucy and Desi would be Brad and Jane? Brad could also be black Cary Grant just cuz Brad is so damn sexy and classic and striking and endearing. Can you tell I love Brad.? I mean, JANE  loves Brad….right right.

Who is killing it in the comedy game right now? First name that pops into your head.

Casey: Melissa McCarthy!!! My love for her knows no bounds!

Elisha: Anne Hathaway.

Eliza: Melissa McCarthy.

What’s the funniest “Happy Endings” blooper to date?

Casey: Favorite blooper moments are when Damon and Eliza start cracking up, which happens every take of every day. At the wrap party last year the editor who did the Bloopers reel said he had 6 hours of potential footage that he had to cut down to a 15 minute video. He looked shaken to his core, like he had been up on an all night bender. But when we watched it was a mini masterpiece.  Fifteen minutes of Damon and Eliza laughing and being sexually inappropriate.

Elisha: Not so much a blooper but a great behind the scenes moment would have to be our “Harlem Shake” video. It’s on YouTube and we have had over a million hits. It was also a great way for me to show off my dance moves.

Eliza: Brilliant bloopers happen minutely on our set. When Penny called Jane “mom” by accident and when she called The Car Czar “Carl,” those bloopers pretty frickin’ funny. She was so certain that Corddry’s character was named Carl in that moment. I mean you can see the word journey: Car-Czar—Carl. It makes sense. In other news, I have a wonderful cousin Carl in real life.

Are you on Pinterest? I’m finding myself pinning at an alarming rate since 2013 started. Are you feeling in or out of control of your pins?

Casey: I pin but my name is cloaked because I am insecure about my taste! Eliza follows me but that’s about it. She has a pinning problem. We are planning an intervention and getting ideas for how to do it from her boards.

Elisha: No Pinterest but I love looking. Just got on Twitter so one step at a time.

Eliza: Oh dear god, YES. I have a real addiction to Pinterest. I think someone close to me may need to intervene. I am OBSESSED with fashion and design and Pinterest is my playground for ALL THAT. I have made it a part of my morning routine. I allot time for Pinterest before going on set. Even if it’s 4am. I started a weddings board when Elisha got engaged. When my brother proposed to his girlfriend I immediately started one for her and I’m not even one of those wedding crazed girls. I love a good Pinterest board and I love both Elisha and my brother’s fiance, Courtney, and it was like heaven for me to make those boards. I just love pinning – real talk the word love is a vast understatement when it comes to Pinterest.

You are all so funny as individual performers but I also love when you’re paired up with another cast member in a scene. Name one thing you’ve learned from a fellow castmate.

Casey: I’ve taught them all so so much about life, love, laughter, listening, intimacy, method acting and courageous love making. I’m waiting for one of them to teach me anything…

Elisha: Can you believe it’s been 3 years with these people and I haven’t learnt a damn thing? Well I shouldn’t say that. I’ve learned a lot about kale and *paperless post.

Eliza: I learn from every single one of my castmates every day. They are all so unbelievably talented and each one brings an incredible amount of creativity to their work. It’s astonishing to watch and be witness to.  I have most of my scenes with Damon and one thing he has taught me is to speak up if I want another take or if I have an improv, I should do it even if it falls flat on its face, I should always go with my impulse and try it ‘cos who knows, it could be gold and if it’s not, then at least I tried it and I won’t wonder all day if it would have worked.

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*I didn’t know from a paperless post, so I did a Google. It’s a very pretty way to do online invites!

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