Our fave “Girls” star is playing Patti Smith in this new biopic

A new biopic has just been announced and the cast is unreal amazing. Robert Mapplethorpe, a very famous and controversial photographer died in 1989 due to AIDS, and finally, his life is getting the big screen adaptation it deserves. There isn’t a ton out yet about the project, but we do have some juicy information about the awesome casting for the film.

Matt Smith, the eleventh doctor in Doctor Who and Mr. Collins in the upcoming Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, has been cast as the iconic Mapplethorpe. But the biggest surprise is the casting for Patti Smith. Those that read Smith’s memoir Just Kids know that Mapplethorpe and Smith were close friends, as well as briefly romantically involved. Zosia Mamet, possibly better known as Shoshanna in Lena Dunham’s HBO series Girls, will play Smith in the biopic. Cue excitement!

Patti Smith is a huge departure from Shoshanna, definitely the ditziest (as well as most lovable, imho) character on Girls. But before her skyrocket to fame, Mamet had recurring roles on both Mad Men and Parenthood, which shows a pretty impressive range of acting skill! So, a movie starring Zosia Mamet and Matt Smith as the romantic leads? Yes, please!

Ondi Timoner is both writer and director for the movie, and considering her recent impressive documentaries, (We Live In Public, DIG!) this movie is bound to be a great one.

(Image via Getty Images/Maarten de Boer)