All the thoughts we had watching the ‘Girls’ season 5 trailer

The last moments of Girls Season 4 were the most hopeful and optimistic, sparkly-winter-wonderland-y of season finales (No spoilers if you haven’t caught up, but suffice to say, there is snow, and it is used in a manner most magical).

But then Season 4 was over and we were all left, jaws on the floor, going “Wait, that’s IT? But wait… can we have more please? Because… wait, that’s it?”

We’ve been patiently waiting for the better part of a year for Season 5 to come cuddle with us, and though we have gotten some Grade-A peeks (including Lena Dunham dancing like no one’s watching), now we finally got our eyeballs on the official Season 5 trailer and we have SO many excited feelings.

So, what’s going down in Season 5? (Only read if you’ve watched seasons 1-4, b/c, you know, the whole spoiler shebang).

Marnie’s getting married!!!

To Desi. MARNIE. NO.

Fumbling around for the silver lining here, we’re digging her lacy, long-sleeved summer of ’69 wedding dress/flower crown. Also Hannah’s bridesmaid dress… there are no words.

Hannah’s still with her cutie love from last season

We all remember Jake Lacy, he of Obvious Child and The Office awesomeness, who played Hannah’s maybe-boyfriend Fran Parker last season. Well, he’s Hannah’s actual boyfriend now in Season 5 (even though Elijah still insists on cuddling/making out with Hannah like he’s the one holding the BF card).

Shosh went to Japan

And it looks like she packed REALLY well, because Shosh wears some sick outfits whilst galavanting around in Tokyo. Also her Hello Kitty headphone game is everything.

Shosh also went Jean Harlow blonde

And she looks GOOD. Bleach is no joke, but man those are some #hairgoals right there.

Jessa and Hannah have issues

I mean, real talk, these ladies ALWAYS have issues, but it seems like they’re really coming to a head in this rice pudding joint scene excerpted in the Season 5 trailer.

People still don’t take working for Ray and his coffee shop seriously

Alas, poor Ray, they never will.

The girls will be DANCING in Season 5

I mean, they dance in every season (Marnie and Hannah s1 two lady dance party! Hannah and Elijah super-not-sober dancing to Icona Pop in s2! The gang getting their musical theater on at the beach house in s4!) and from the looks of things it does NOT look like s5 will disappoint in the dancing department.

Check out the trailer below and get ready for Girls madness when the show returns on Sunday, February 21st.

(Image via HBO)

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