This tween girl’s rant after flirting for the first time is sadly relatable

Flirting is never easy, and anyone who tells you differently is lying. Young Ella Coriddi figured that out the hard way earlier this month when she tried to flirt with a boy named John. It did not go well. The girl’s rant about the awkwardness of flirting is sadly all too relatable. But we guess it’s better that she learns now.

Ella’s mom filmed her in the car on the way home from school. Ella apparently asked John if he liked her. And he said “50/50.” Her mom offers that she should work on that 50 percent, which enrages Ella, as it would anyone. She groans:

“I dress cute! I smile at him! I even winked at him — two times!

She’s done everything a girl can do. “And all I get back is one FAKE smile!” Ella buries her face in her hands. Oh, girl, we’ve been there. It’s not the 50 percent thing that gets Ella, though. It’s the freaking fake smile that hurts. She mimics the smile John gave and it was admittedly pretty lame.

“That’s it?” Ella cries out. Seriously, if a woman winks at you, do a little more than a half-assed grin, Johnny boy.

Love is so cruel. And winking is maybe not the best way to get someone’s attention, which Ella seems to have learned. You only have to wink once with no response to never, ever do it again. She yells, “Why is my life so miserable?, I’m trying, I’m trying! I get nothing else!”

Maybe there’s a better lesson here than just never, ever winking. If you ask your crush if they like you and they say, “fifty fifty,” get the heck out of there. No one has to “work” on anything to get someone’s attention. If they don’t appreciate you (or your winking), just tell them “boy bye.” John doesn’t know what he’s missing.