This girl’s Maleficent-inspired hair is serious #hairgoals

We’ve all seen the Princess Leia buns. Katniss Everdeen’s braid. Pippy Longstocking’s braid(s). But how often do you see Malificent’s horns rocked as a hairdo?

Because now you have! Hair goddess and Disney enthusiast Anne Goodman has us in awe of what she calls, “Messy buns Maleficent style.”

She took her hair-horns to Disneyland with her Rapunzel-inspired friend, because of course she’s friends with cool girls with Rapunzel hair!

But if you’re scratching your head like, BUT HOW DO I DO DIS? You’re in luck because Anne told HelloGiggles exclusively how she gets this perfect hairstyle.

Materials: hairspray, teasing comb, bobby pins and thin wire preferably matching your hair color

1. Part your hair in the middle.

2. On one side, grab a small section of hair from the area the horn will be sticking out. Be sure to leave hair down in the front for the braided pieces. Repeat on the other side.

3. Tease this section and hairspray like your life depends on it. Hold the hair directly up until it’s dry. Repeat this step until the section feels thick and thoroughly teased. Repeat on other side.

4. Take the first section and twist lightly as you wrap the end of the hair back towards your scalp to the desired height for your horns. Bobby pin the end to the base so the hair is sticking up. This will be the inside of your horn. Repeat on other side.

5. Bobby pin the end of a piece of wire to the base. Lightly wrap the wire around the horn piece, wrapping looser and larger closer to your scalp then smaller and tighter towards the tip. Note: you are not completely wrapping the hair in wire, just supporting the shape.

6. Cut the wire and repeat on other side.

7. Take the small front sections of your hair and braid them towards the horns. Leave them for later.

8. Take a new section of hair on the side under the horn. Wrap this piece around the horn, focus on covering the tip of the horn and then working the hair back down.  Use a bobby pin to secure it in place. Hairspray and repeat on other horn.

9. Next, take another section of hair from the back of your head. Focus wrapping this piece in bigger loops to finish creating the horn shape.

10. Bobby pin and hair spray.

11. Wrap the two braided pieces around the base of the horns and your look is complete!

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