Girls in Garages in Senegal, West Africa

In the movies, they’re babes. Babes with strategically-placed oil stains, clad in raggedy overalls and tight tanks. They’re rebels, ready to let down their hair and speed away into the sunset on their just-waxed hog or candy-colored classic car. These girls are mechanics and yes, they definitely know what’s going on under the hood. But dudes, be prepared for an overly dramatic eye roll if you dare make a joke about your stick-shift.

Personally, I’ve never had a lady work on my car. I know they’re out there and at times, I’ve seen them slide out from under someone else’s car, but they don’t look a damn thing like how the movies portrait them. The women in car garages are as tough as the hardened grease under their nails, so why the hyper-sexualization? Okay, I mean, it’s Hollywood. Everything is hyper-sexualized in the movies. I get that. But there’s beauty in those badass babes for sure. It’s just not always quite so overt. Hell, women working in a male-dominated profession is a beautiful thing on its own.

Which is why these photos, taken by Anthony Kurtz, are so totally fascinating. Kurtz visisted several female-run garages in Senegal, West Africa and captured the employees in their natural habitat. They’re gritty and totally unglamorous, but there’s something magnetic about the photos that’s powerful and kind of exciting. A few of them definitely have some seriously scary mean-muggin’ going on, but throw them in a pair of overalls and …

I kid.

Do you guys know of any female-run garages in your area? Do you guys know how to change a tire? If so (and you live in the New York-metro area), do you want me to refer you to the aforementioned dude that is turned-on by said skill?

Featured image via Anthony Kurtz