Before the series finale, here’s all the “Girls” season finales, ranked by awesomeness

We don’t want to say goodbye! But alas, Girls fans will have to when the final episode airs tonight. Whether you’re a loyal fan of earlier seasons or a more recent viewer, you have to acknowledge that Girls has been a must-watch show for women (and men, too).

The fact that this season finale will be the show’s last is hard to take in, especially because two of the main Girls cast will not be there. Jessa Johnson (Jemima Kirke) and Shoshanna Shapiro (Zosia Mamet) made their exit in the penultimate Sunday episode, and while we’re upset we won’t see them again, we understand. Creator and star Lena Dunham revealed in an Instagram post on Monday (which has since been deleted) how much she appreciated working with the kinetic “cousins,” showing the closeness of the cast on and off screen.

Fans have grown close to Hannah, Jessa, Shoshanna, and Marnie and their crazy NYC story, plus all the weird, loving and chaotic people that have crossed their paths.

While we bide time for what will undoubtedly be the hardest finale ever to watch, we’ve ranked all the Girls season finales by awesomeness.

(Spoiler alerts ahead for those trying to catch up ahead of the series finale!)

1. Season 5 Finale

This was the most explosive and intense finales of the season, bringing it to the top of our list.

Marnie’s relationship with Desi falls apart and she reconnects with Ray. This isn’t so surprising, due to all of the feelings the two had for each other up to this point.

Hannah makes a big decision to participate in the Moth Story Slam, giving her an opportunity to express her emotions and insecurities. Jessa getting together with Adam was crushing, and Hannah uses it to fuel her creative fire.

Shoshanna’s insecurities with her career are put to rest when she creates a successful marketing campaign for Ray and Hermie’s coffee house.

However, the two who really stole this finale are Jessa and Adam. While helping take care of a baby, Jessa admits her guilt for being with Adam, knowing it hurt Hannah.

She admits she can’t forgive Adam for it, causing them to get into an insane fight. Literally tossing-furniture-at-each-other insane.

The best thing, though? Hannah happens to overhear it while dropping off a fruit basket to wish them well.

2. Season 1 Finale

The first season’s finale had one of the most shocking moments for a character — Jessa’s surprise wedding.

Marnie sleeps with the best man at the wedding, to the dismay of her then-boyfriend Charlie.

Ray speaks to Shoshanna for the first time since “The Crackcident” (Shoshanna accidentally took crack). He admits he’s attracted to her, the two go home together, and Shosh loses her virginity.

Hannah decides to let Elijah and his boyfriend move in with her, which offends Adam, who had offered to move in because he admits he loves her.

Hannah and Adam get into a huge fight over this, in which Adam ends up getting hit by a car (not seriously injured, but still, not great during a fight).

With the two now broken up, Hannah ends up taking a subway home and falls asleep. She wakes up alone in Coney Island, her purse stolen, but at least she’s got cake from the wedding. That’s something, right?

3. Season 3 Finale

This finale brought us the big decision of Hannah going to the University of Iowa for a renowned writer’s workshop. She tells Adam the big news. He blames her and the news for causing him to act poorly in a play, despite still getting positive reviews. Though it isn’t fully revealed if Hannah will go to Iowa, the episode ends with her clutching the letter, smiling, and knowing how great of an opportunity this will be.

While Hannah is high on life, Shoshanna gets hit hard in this season finale, learning she can’t graduate and that Marnie slept with Ray. Even harder, she begs Ray to take her back, which he rejects. We don’t blame her for never wanting to trust anyone again.

This finale is also where Marnie finally wins Desi’s affection, but feels guilt for causing a rift between him and his girlfriend Clementine.

4. Season 4 Finale

This season finale brought us a water birth, confessions of love (out loud and secretive), and one of the Girls group making a big decision to move away.

Shoshanna’s job in Tokyo is the chance of a lifetime. Her boyfriend Scott asks her not to go. His excuse is pretty lame, telling her he doesn’t love her now, but will be soon. Um, no?

Her taking the leap with this job is also her taking a leap into the real world. Terrifying, but gratifying.

One of the more emotional scenes of this finale is Ray finally snapping, telling Desi that he hates him and that Desi will never be good enough for Marnie (shocker). This sets up Marnie and Ray to eventually get back together.

Hannah, Jessa, and Adam are called by Laird (an ex-junkie who lives in Hannah’s building and once hooked up with her) to help his wife Caroline, who is going into labor. Her plans for a water birth don’t go so well, so they rush to the hospital. This is where Adam admits to Hannah that he wants her back, but she’s not about it.

The final scene of the finale shows Hannah six months later, walking down a city street and kissing her new boyfriend Fran.

5. Season 2 Finale

This finale may not have had furniture being tossed or a water birth, but it did have two key couples reunite.

While Shoshanna and Ray’s relationship goes downhill, Marnie and her on-and-off man Charlie get back together.

The major moment for this finale is when Adam and Hannah reunite after he breaks up with his girlfriend Natalia. Their on-and-off love story always makes for twisted-but-adorable moments. 

We’re excited to see what the Girls Season 6 finale will bring, and how it will compare to the emotional, shocking, and touching finales before it. What we do know for sure is we’re going to miss you, girls.

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