“Girls” is ending soon, but there COULD be a movie

All of us Girls fanatics died inside a little when we found that the show that is the voice of its generation (or a voice of a generation) is officially ending after Season 6.

True we haven’t even started Season 5 yet (that will be happening February 21, mark your calendars) so we still have two full seasons of Girls to consume, but what about after that? What will we do when there are no more Shoshanna hairstyles to copy episodes to watch?

According to producer Judd Apatow, just because the show closes its doors doesn’t necessarily mean the end of The Adventures Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shosh. In fact, as Apatow says, Girls just might end up pulling a Sex and the City, the giant upon whose shoulders Girls stands, and, after a little break (long enough to make us REALLY miss the ladies), make its grand return as a feature film.

“I think the show would work well as a movie. I don’t think that’s something [Lena] wants to do immediately, but it would be a great movie. It feels like they’ve all been movies,” Apatow told Variety.

It’s true, some of our favorite episodes (The warehouse party! The beach house getaway! Lena Dunham and Patrick Wilson holed up in his apartment for Hook-up Weekend!) have felt like mini-movies, which makes us super-want to see what a movie-sized movie would look like.

But, like the Sex and the City movie, which hit theaters four years after its 2004 series finale, it looks like the girls of Girls would definitely take a beat before diving back in. In fact, according to Lena Dunham, who also floated the idea of a Girls movie to Variety last year, it would be, like, a ten-year beat.

“I have fantasies of us all coming back and making a movie when we’re 40,” Dunham explained. “I think we’d want to wait long enough for something to have really gone down.”

So… Girls the Movie, 2026? We’ll mark our calendars.

(Image via HBO)

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