If this ‘Girls’ character is coming back, we’d be very surprised (and psyched)

Back at the end of season 2 of Girls we found out that the actor who played Marnie’s erstwhile boyfriend, Charlie – Christopher Abbott – wanted to leave the show. Because we don’t work on Girls we’re not exactly sure of what happened (Abbott told the New York Times he wanted to play more “relatable” characters) but we know Charlie did not return to the show.

Except now, word is, he might be coming back. According to Page Six, Abbott’s been spotted on the set (with a shaved head). An “insider” told the paper he’s indeed returning.

Now, Abbott himself just responded to the rumors. He told Entertainment Weekly cryptically, “I was visiting the set.” Hmmm. Meanwhile, HBO is staying mum, for now.

The tricky thing with it being 2015 is we frequently see photos of actors who might be killed off Game of Thrones, say, flying to the place where they are filming the new season. The entire world is a spoiler alert, and sometimes a misguided spoiler at that.

If Charlie is indeed back I think we’re safe to assume Marnie and Charlie aren’t going to be on-again, but I’d be thrilled to see how they’d incorporate him into the show. You know, IF this whole thing is true.

(Image via HBO)

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