11 girls dressed as cats for Halloween aka the go-to lazy girl’s Halloween costume

Here’s the thing. We have mad respect for everybody who goes above and beyond when it comes to costumes. Clever handmade Halloween costumes tailored to your interests or sense of humor are definitely fun to make and wear, and tells everybody a little something about your personality. Of course… some of us don’t happen to be Pinterest queens, DIY mavens, or domestic goddesses, and so the whole “making a costume” thing is a little out of our reach. There’s also the whole “planning ahead” and “being prepared” situation, which some of us also aren’t particularly good at. Alright, alright — we’ll just say it: some of us are lazy, okay? THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT, MOM.

The hands down best, simplest, most low maintenance fallback for all lazy girls on Halloween has to be the cat costume. Get some ears, abuse your eyeliner, and you’re good to go.

Not THAT kind of cat costume.
Not THAT kind of cat costume.

In honor of our fellow lazy women, here’s a list of some great cat costumes from this past Halloweekend that you can scroll through and like on Instagram in order to make yourself feel like you’re preparing for your costume for Monday, while simultaneously relegating yourself to being a cat. Again.

1. Let’s start with this girl, who definitely didn’t get the “cat costumes are for lazy people” memo.

2. …and then move onto the classic lewk.


3. Seriously, though. You can’t go wrong. Nobody’s going to wonder what you are, it takes very little work, AND you’re not the loser in their everyday clothes killing joy at every party.

4. Some might say the cat costume is hashtag basic… and in some cases, they might be right.


5. Not all cat costumes have to be #basic, though. There’s also the CHESHIRE CAT which, like, wow.


6. The popularity of cat costumes means there are lots of uber easy options — like FUN EARS.


7. SO fun. We’re all about the ears.

8. We’re also all about these improvised pigtail cat ears.

9. Since cats have collars, it’s also the purrrrfect excuse to pull out your chokers from the 90s-2000s.

10. Cute cat hair, girl!


11. BONUS: kids dressed up as cats. KITTENS. Too much.



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