Why living in a “girlpartment” is just the best

Some people love to live alone, and sometimes I envy them—just think of all that fridge space! But personally, I love living with roomies, especially of the lady variety. One of my friends made up the word “girlpartment” to describe our living situation, and that’s exactly right: It’s an apartment full of awesome women, where everyone likes to hang out, go out together, and generally create a little girl power community at home. It’s amazing, and has so many great thins about it. Like what, you say?

There’s always someone around for girl talk

Personally, I need a good dose of girl talk just about everyday. There’s nothing like coming home, pulling on my favorite sweats, and hunkering down for some good old fashioned chit chat with my lady roommates. Whether it’s confessing that I tripped up the stairs while running to the train (happens more than you’d think), celebrating a new job, or crying because sometimes you just can’t hold it in anymore, it feels good to know your girls will be there when you walk in the door.

It’s a judgement-free embarrassing movie zone

I admit it: I love Blue Crush, Legally Blonde, and I haven’t seen Twilight yet but I really kind of want to. Obviously there are some guys out there who are totally down to watch women-centric movies, but in general, I’ve had a lot more success when I hit up my girlfriends for a viewing of She’s All That. Plus, it’s super fun to have someone there to listen to your feminist critique of Sex and the City while also getting real about how jealous we are of Carrie’s shoes.

Want to have a ladies night? The gang’s already here

It can be a huge to-do trying to get everyone together for a girls-only night out on the town. Everyone is busy, and cell phones are broken, and we don’t have the motivation to get off the couch… sheesh. But when you’re already at home together, all it can take is for one person to pipe up and say, “Alright, who feels like going out?” and suddenly you’re all strutting into your favorite restaurant. Sigh, I could go for a girls night right now.

Pep talks are just a room away

The world can be rough for us as women sometimes. We put up with a lot, constantly have to stand up for ourselves, and generally have to find ways to be awesome despite everything that gets thrown at us. When you live with a community of women, you know you have someone on the other side of the wall who knows exactly what you’re going through. Living with other women is great because we can provide that oh so necessary support and girl power pep talks I’ve lived alone, with girls, with a significant other, and with dudes. All of these set-ups are awesome in their own right, and can be a ton of fun. But at the end of the day, there’s nothing quite as fun as a home full of your best girlfriends.

Elizabeth King is a mid-20s feminist, environmentalist, ice cream and Futurama-loving writer living in Chicago, IL. Much of her free time is spent trying to bring back the low-five. Say hello on Twitter @ekingc, or Instagram @mr.sweatpants.

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