The girl who went viral for tweeting about poop in her purse finally opens about that weird internet moment

Remember that time a college student became Twitter famous after sharing the most iconic poop story to date? In case you’ve somehow missed it, earlier this year Twitter user @_blotty aka Makela St. Fort shared a story on the social media website about an unfortunate incident she had on a date that culminated in her wrapping a piece of poop in toilet paper and keeping it in her purse for the duration of the date. Now, St. Fort is opening up about the hilarious — albeit cringe-worthy — experience that made her Twitter famous.

As a quick refresher, check out a few of the best Tweets from the night:

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St. Fort explained to Cosmopolitan that she never intended for the story to go viral. She admitted that she had texted her sister while the event was unfolding but needed to share the incredible story with someone else. She told the mag,“So I told my friend Drew and he was like, ‘This is so funny, you need to tweet it.’ And I was like, ‘Drew, come on.’ And he was like, ‘No, for real, people are going to think it’s so funny.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, okay, I guess you’re right. Only my followers are gonna see it.’ That’s what I thought.”

St. Fort also revealed that the other star of the story, her unassuming date, has no idea what unfolded at his place. She said,“Here’s the funniest thing — he has my phone number and he did text me after, but he is probably the one person in the world who hasn’t seen it. Or if he has, he hasn’t told me he’s seen it. I remember seeing the story on so many websites and in eight languages I couldn’t read, it had gone so far. He just doesn’t know!”

While the whole thing is hilariously bizarre, we’re glad everything seems to have worked out for the best. Although, maybe St. Fort should take a break from dating for the time being.

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