This little girl wants to sell her brother to the pet store. Ah, youth.

Remember that old Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen song, “Brother For Sale“? It featured the twins, sitting behind an adorable homemade lemonade stand, except that instead of selling refreshments, they were trying to sell their brother — literally. They kept lowering the price, trying to entice a buyer, only to realize in the end that they actually loved their brother and wouldn’t mind keeping him after all. Well, in a new video we can only fairly describe as relentlessly adorable, young entrepreneur Rachel comes up with a brilliant plan to sell her brother to the pet store. Unlike Mary-Kate and Ashley though, she’s looking for more than 50 cents. In fact, Rachel thinks the fair asking price for her brother is a whopping $54.

Let’s break this down financially. Rachel recognizes that she currently owns an asset that is under-performing (a little brother.) Her plan is that she’ll diversify by selling the asset at current market value, then use part of the profits to purchase a more personally valuable asset (a toy owl.) Then, once the market recognizes the flaws she already sees and subsequently corrects, they can buy back the asset. Having turned brother-lemons into owl-AND-brother lemonade, she will then have successfully increased her initial portfolio. This is genius.

Even cuter and more encouraging, Rachel recognizes that her brother may not be thrilled about her upcoming financial dominance. One of the most important qualities in a business leader is the ability to re-assure investors, and Rachel makes sure to vocalize a strong and clear platform for Jason’s future. (“We’re going to get you back! Don’t worry!”)

This equation of head plus heart is just what we need to correct the course of America’s economy today. While the brother-to-owl exchange is a limited market, it’s great to hear our youth exploring it as a new frontier for development. We also adore that Rachel’s quick thinking and business acumen is encouraged by her documentarian (presumably her dad) who couldn’t be more thrilled to follow his budding genius down the road to financial empire. Even Jason, perhaps not totally understanding his fate, is eventually supportive of his sister’s plan. This type of firm acceptance for a woman’s financial vision is heart-warming in today’s glass-ceiling climate.

Rachel, the whole world is your toy owl. We can’t wait to see what you manage to temporarily leverage your siblings for in exchange for upgraded Christmas gifts..

(Image via YouTube.)

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