This little girl isn’t about to take Siri’s sass just yet

Earlier this week, someone made an amazing discovery that had us all asking Siri the most basic math problem in existence — just to hear her sassy pants response. Whoever made the discovery was either having a really bad math day or just super bored. Either way, we’re really happy for the discovery, because Siri plus snarkiness equals hilarity.

But if you missed the whole Siri Has An Attitude Problem phenomenon, here’s what went down: Word spread via social media that if you ask Siri the answer to zero divided by zero, she would give you an extremely well-thought-out response (for a computer). (Or for a human.)

This is her now infamous response:

In case you missed it, she said:

Ouch. As hurtful as that response is in theory, if you’re into snark, it’s pretty amazing. Sticks and stones, Siri. But one little girl is definitely NOT into snark, and she’s so so so adorable about her feelings.

Vine megastar Ava Ryan let us all know she’s definitely NOT ok with Siri’s rudeness:

Well when you put it that way, Ava, we agree with you. No cookies for Siri! All the cookies for Ava! And by the way, Cookie Monster isn’t feeling the sass either:

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