This girl was turned away from her prom for wearing a tux

Aniya Wolf, a senior at Bishop McDevitt High School in Pennsylvania, wanted to wear something to prom that made her feel comfortable — you know, as all high school students want to do. So she wore a tuxedo instead of a formal dress. But because the school has a strict dress code policy, she wasn’t admitted to prom.

“I’ve just always been like this, ever since I was little,” Wolf told ABC 27 News of her desire to wear masculine clothes. “I was always more masculine. You wouldn’t catch me playing with any Barbie dolls, I’ll tell you that right now.”

Wolf, who identifies as a lesbian, doesn’t want to wear traditionally girly clothes. Seems fair enough, right? Well, not according to her school.

Wolf’s mom received a last minute email from the school’s administration letting her know that if her daughter, whose daily uniform consisted of a shirt and pants instead of a dress, showed up to prom in anything but a dress, she wouldn’t be allowed to come in. false

Her mom called the school to complain and said she didn’t think the school’s dress code should preclude her daughter from wearing a suit. She told the administration that she thought the rule was very unfair, especially since it was so last minute and her daughter had already bought a tux for the occasion.

So despite being told that she couldn’t, Wolf showed up to prom wearing a tux. She was quickly kicked out and told the police would be called if she didn’t leave. false

“I think my experience shouldn’t be any different than anyone else’s because of something I was born with,” Wolf said, adding that she feels completely accepted by her peers, but her school makes her feel like she was a “mistake.”

Wolf’s story has gone viral and has reached people all over the world. People have been sending her messages of support, and some have even offered to wear pants to their own proms to stand in solidarity. Wolf insists that people wear whatever makes them comfortable, which is exactly what she was trying to do in the first place.

Bishop McDevitt High School has since released a statement in response to the dress code controversy. They insist that they practice acceptance and love for all, but their definition of “acceptance” seems to need some updating.

“Without question, we love, respect and cherish all of our students. The dress code for the prom specified girls must wear formal dresses. It also stated that students who failed to follow the dress code would not be admitted. The full dress code policy was sent to parents about three months ago. A reminder was sent to all students on March 6. On Friday afternoon, when it was brought to the attention of the school administration that a female student was planning to wear a tuxedo, we contacted her mother in hopes we could resolve the situation. It’s important to note that students who haven’t adhered to the dress code in past years haven’t been admitted to the prom. Bishop McDevitt will continue to practice acceptance and love for all of our students. They are tremendous young men and women. We simply ask that they follow the rules that we have put into place.”