This girl tried to get a date with her Uber driver and it’s (almost) like a modern day fairytale

Like something from a romantic comedy, this girl’s story of how she tried to get a date with her Uber driver is an epic tale of love, loss, and betrayal.

We totally love hearing about hilarious Uber tales, whether that be singer Lorde’s tale about a driver who was gushing about meeting a celebrity or the fact that Uber has issued requests to riders to stop having sex in the back of their cars. Uber has become so integral to our lives that it’s understandable that hilarious and dramatic things would occur.

However, Twitter user @KelliAmirah’s tale of trying to score a date with her Uber driver is (almost) like a modern day fairy tale.

Things started off fairly simple. Kelli and her friends were on their way to a party. Getting a call from their Uber driver, Kelli just knew that he was gonna be a hunky so and so.

Getting into the car, Kelli’s foresight proved correct; their Uber driver was FINE. Kelli knew that she had to make her shoot to ask him out.

Texting her friend, who was in back passenger seat, Kelli tried to figure out something she could leave in the car so that she’d have an excuse to get in contact with him again.

Unfortunately, Kelli and her friends had arrived at their destination. In a spur-of-the-moment move, Kelli left her phone charger behind in the cab.

The next morning, Kelli attempted to contact her Prince Charming again to no avail. In fact, she was worried that she might not EVER get her phone charger back!

After leaving a request with Uber, Kelli got to work on Monday because she had her Economics final and, well, school before fools, right? Then something magical happened…

Obviously excited to have made contact, Kelli made her plan of attack.

After going to take her final at 8am, Kelli returned to her dorm to take an understandably needed nap. However, waking up at 11am she found she’d been contacted by her enigmatic love interest.

Within 20 minutes, Kelli had gotten ready and was about to face the task at home: shooting her shot at her mysterious Uber driver.

With the support of her friends, Kelli went to meet the driver when he arrived to go and pick up her charger and hopefully a date, too.

Kelli then made her move…

Kelli thought that was the end of this magical fairy tale; she had won the boy. However, an update three days later showed that fucbois are everywhere, even in smoking hot Uber drivers.

Kelli’s Uber driver was…married.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News, Kelli said that she wishes that her driver had just been upfront with her.

"I definitely believe in the sanctity of marriage and am in no way a home wrecker, so I just let it go," she said.

However, she did say that she was proud of herself for going out of her comfort zone to ask a random person out on a date, adnd tbh we’re so impressed with her, too! Kelli’s dedication to the cause and her determination are admirable and we salute her!

Essentially, be more like Kelli.

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