This girl has a total meltdown when her parents surprise her at a high-school dance

Imagine this: You’re at your high school dance. You’re wearing a dress that took you 2 hours and 15 minutes to pick out. You put on blush and maybe even a pair of sparkling heels. You’ve reached the point where you’re comfortable dancing and start feelin’ yo’ self. Then, you look to your right and see… your mom and dad?

The above scenario may sound like something from a teenage nightmare, but it actually happened to a 9th grader named Beth Bagley – though she tried her best to prevent it from happening. “Beth had her 9th grade night dance and asked us not to chaperone,” writes dad Judd Bagley. “We respected her wishes but did decide to drop in and see what she was up to.” (They had no idea what they were getting themselves into).


As they entered the teenage world and set their sights on their daughter, the Bagley’s bravely trudged on. They made their way across the dance floor – probably wondering whether or not they should turn back before it was too late – and then Beth spotted them.

At the mere sight of her parental units, Beth let out a blood-curdling scream and charged at them. She then starts screaming what sounds like “Get out!” and ends her meltdown by swiping at the camera. “We waited until about 10 minutes until it was over,” said Judd, according to WREG. “We knew she’d make a little scene but we didn’t know it’d be quite like that.”

Beth’s dad also tells Inside Edition“Feigning being overly dramatic like that is certainly part of her sense of humor, but she really did put a little more into it than we expected.”


It turns out that the high-schooler’s parents love to play pranks on their daughter, so she’s pretty much used to it by now. In the past, they’ve stood outside in their bathrobes so they could wave to Beth while her bus passed by. Occasionally, they’d switch it up and wear costumes.

Luckily, the 9th grader has amazing friends who helped calm her following the dance meltdown. “[Beth] told us how funny she decided the whole thing was,” explained Judd. “She spent a few moments telling us we were lame, but was interrupted by her friends spontaneously applauding us.” (We’d now like to give these A+ friends their own round of applause.)

Yet, it doesn’t seem as though the Bagley’s pranking days are over. When asked about Beth’s prom, Judd (maybe?) jokes“I think we’ll have to show up dressed as students or something like that.”