The 15 most WTF Girl Talk fortunes

You remember Girl Talk, right? The truth-or-dare game born in the late ’80s became a staple of the ’90s girl slumber party, and back in the day, you probably thought it was the coooOoooOOooOOolest. To win, you needed to collect one of each special “fortune” card — the categories were Career, Special Moments, Marriage, and Children. Maybe back then you took them seriously. Or maybe not. Either way, looking at them now…they’re kind of insane.

Does anyone even watch commercials anymore? If it were a YouTube ad forecasting your future, you might end up working at Chaz Dean Studios.

But WHO IS CATHY? This is terrifying.

And this seems highly unprofessional.

I always had a thing for Paddington Bear…hmmm…

OK, can I work for the IRS in Hawaii, then?


OK. This is weird. And seems like something you’d totally have the power to control, no?

Same with this gym teacher nonsense.

Well, all of this seems mighty bizarre…not to mention complicated. Have a nice life, ’90s girls!

(Images via Leonora Epstein/HelloGiggles)

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