This girl stuck her head in a pumpkin, and probably regretted it immediately

With Halloween right around the corner, there are tons of ways for people to get into the holiday spirit. Pumpkins clearly play a special role in our Halloween celebrations — from jack-o-lanterns, to Trumpkins, to Halloween costumes themselves. But one festive Halloween fan may have taken her pumpkin-themed excitement a little too far.

Just watch this video of one well-intentioned girl getting really into the holiday spirit when her head into a pumpkin.... not realizing that she may have some difficulty getting it back out.

Thinking it would be a brief funny moment to capture online, or perhaps just wanting to take a peek inside, this girl found her head stuck inside of a pumpkin.

Thankfully, as you can see in the video, she wasn’t hurt as friends and family helped her to finally regain her freedom.

After you watch this brave tale of how one girl regained her freedom from a pumpkin, remember to NEVER try that at home — no matter how much you love Halloween…

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