This girl clapped back so hard after being shamed by a stranger for wearing shorts

When it’s 106 degrees outside (and therefore hard enough to get through the day), the last thing anyone wants is to be unwarrantedly yelled at for what they’re wearing. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to 19-year-old Madison Herber. The teen posted a Facebook clap-back aimed at the woman who shamed her for not being able to see Herber’s shorts under her long t-shirt.

According to Yahoo Style, Herber stopped into a gas station to grab a cold drink, because once again, it was a 106-degree day. While walking back to her car, a woman told Herber that she looked “very trashy.”

"I couldn’t believe it," Herber told Yahoo Style. "I was in total shock this person went out of their way to attack and condemn me for no reason at all."

The woman continued to shame Herber in the parking lot, telling Herber that her generation was the worst because of things like Herber’s shorts and T-shirt outfit. Herber even proved that she was wearing shorts, but the woman didn’t let up.

Others saw the public berating, but Herber said no one stepped in to help.

Herber took to Facebook to share her frustration. She noted that she doesn’t apologize for what she’s wearing, and honestly she has no reason to do so. Her friends and family have been nothing but supportive, telling Herber that the woman was completely in the wrong.

We’re so glad Madison shared this experience and spoke up for herself. She is turning an unpleasant moment into an opportunity to educate others and advocate for herself. So let’s all use this as a Monday reminder to be a little kinder to one another today and every day — the world needs it!

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