Girl Scouts will learn how to code and keep their data safe with new Cybersecurity Badges

The Girl Scouts is a great organization that helps young girls learn a variety of skills. Members earn merit badges that help them learn valuable life skills. And now, the organization has upgraded its programs in order to train young Girl Scouts in technology and cybersecurity.

In a statement released this week, the Girl Scouts announced that "they will join forces to deliver the first-ever national Girl Scout Cybersecurity badges for girls in grades K–12."

This will encourage girls to be interested in growing tech fields.  The Girl Scouts also said that this new programming is “designed to increase their interest and instill in them a valuable 21st-century skillset.”

The Girl Scouts are trying to bridge the gender gap in technology.

With these programs, the Girl Scouts are trying to eliminate the gender bias that exists in many STEM fields. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, women only make up 11% of cybersecurity jobs. And women hold less than 25% of jobs in all STEM fields. By targeting girls as young as five, the Girl Scouts will be able to create a solid foundation of knowledge. This will help girl succeed in fields like programming. Creating unique opportunities for young girls helps them overcome gender stereotypes.

The Girl Scouts are still working on the exact curriculum. But it will involve teaching young girls skills such as protecting privacy, combating cyberbullying, and high-level skills like data manipulation. These skills will definitely help girls succeed as technology evolves.

Kudos to the Girl Scouts!