These Girl Scouts have the coolest camping trip ever — on the lawn of the White House

People have camped on the tops of mountains, or suspended over cliffs sleeping in hammocks, but that still isn’t as cool as what some lucky Girl Scouts got to do last night. They packed up their sleeping bags and backpacks and headed for the lawn of the White House, giving them bragging rights for pretty much the rest of their lives.

It was all a part of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative, created to help combat childhood obesity. These lucky ladies were treated to a night of climbing rock walls, tying knots and learning about the stars from NASA astronaut Cady Coleman, who was almost as excited as the girls:

The Girl Scouts themselves came from all over, ranging from Maryland to Oklahoma, and they couldn’t contain their happiness to be participating in something so awesome:

But, even the White House can’t control the weather, and when that crazy storm that hit some of us last night rolled in, the girls were invited to sleep inside the Eisenhower Building for the night. Despite the rain, their spirits weren’t dampened. They filled the room with sleeping bags and camping lights, making up what must have been the most insane group sleepover ever.

The experience was pretty once-in-a-lifetime, although we’re crossing our fingers that the White House hosts them next year with the promise of better weather…and maybe a couple of Thin Mints.

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