These girl scouts just did the most amazing thing for their bestie

For South Dakota’s Girl Scout Troop 50429, this year’s cookie fundraiser was a really big deal. The fourth graders who make up the troop had a very special cause they wanted to raise as much money as possible for: Making a classmate’s dream of visiting Hawaii come true.

Her friends, almost all of whom are members in Troop 50429, decided to help their friend when they learned she was eligible for a Make-A-Wish trip. Olivia’s dream has been to visit Hawaii, climb a volcano, swim with dolphins, and check out a local zoo.

“Honestly I’ve always loved Hawaii and its beautiful features,” Olivia told the Argus Leader. “I just thought maybe I could go to Hawaii and maybe have the best time of my life there. Honestly, I’ve wanted to go since I was seven.”

So her friends sprung into action, selling as many cookies as they possibly could to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. When all was said and done, the girls were able to raise $1,700 (by selling 2,000 boxes of cookies) and present it to a local Make-A-Wish chapter. But the girls didn’t stop there. They also pooled their individual totals so that they qualified for a mini iPad, which they gave to Olivia.

Her friends Maeve and Sydney had a few really sweet and insightful things to say about Olivia and the fundraising. Maeve told the Argus Leader, “She is a great person and a really nice friend, and I wanted her to maybe make her wish because I wanted her to be happy.”

And Sydney had this to share: “I knew she really loved Hawaii so I tried to sell as many cookies as I could. Friends are more important than other stuff.”

Olivia will need a doctor’s approval before taking her trip, but it’s likely happening in the near future! It’s so sweet that her friends rallied around her to make this happen. Olivia will have such a great time in Hawaii, and her friends clearly know what it means to be a bestie!

(Image via Emily Spartz Weerheim / Argus Leader)