Girl Scout cookies are now on Amazon, if you’ve still got a Thin Mint craving

In essence, Girl Scout cookies are not only a tool used to empower young women across this country, but also an addictive snack. Unfortunately, they are only sold once a year. So what is a cookie lover to do?  Well, turns out that Girl Scout cookies are now on Amazon, if you’ve still got a Thin Mint craving.

The organization is getting a modern look by allowing fans to purchase their products online. No more scouting the corners of your local neighborhood for a Girl Scout table. You can just order the goodies right from your couch. And honestly, isn’t that the real American Dream?

Easier access, higher price.

While the delicious cookies are easier to come across, they come with an increased price tag. A box of Samoas will end up costing you around $11 instead of the typical $5. Guess convince comes at a cost, huh? Still, that is a relatively small price to pay when you consider the fact that you can get them through Prime shipping.

If you are still into the old-fashioned way of purchasing Girl Scout cookies, you can still find them locally in person. You can log onto the Girl Scouts website, put in your postal code, and see exactly where to look on your next grocery run.

People are really excited that Girl Scout cookies are now on Amazon.

After finding out that the cookies can be bought online, the internet rejoiced.

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Due to the popularity of the sugary treats, many people find this new function convenient and totally worth the higher price. Some folks even pointed out that they can now try flavors not usually sold in their area.

Ultimately, this move by the Girl Scout organization is pretty ingenious. Almost as good as that time a Girl Scout sold cookies outside of a marijuana dispensary. So if you have a craving but no way of getting to the nearest Girl Scout station, do not fret. You now have options.

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