Girl Scout Cookie ice cream sandwiches! Why does food keep getting more amazing?

Excuse me while I catch my breath! This is the best news I’ve heard about food ever since the Girl Scouts started selling their cookies online, making it that much easier to get a cookie fix. Now, Girl Scout cookies will be available in a brand new, exciting form: Thin Mint ice cream sandwiches! Your Netflix nights just got a whole lot tastier.

This new, life-changing revelation from Good Humor is not your standard ice cream mixed with Girl Scout cookie combo. The new Thin Mint ice cream bars, available at Target and Shop-Rite, are made with an ice cream filling and covered in a delicious chocolaty coating, just like the cookie itself.

According to some lucky people who have been able to get their hands these babies, the 4” bars taste just like a frozen Thin Mint cookie. Apparently, they’re also crunchy in all the right places, with chunks of chocolate throughout the ice cream and the chocolate coating, and promise you all kinds of wonderful, minty, chocolaty goodness.

And, as an added bonus, at $3.99 a box, they’re cheaper than an actual box of Girl Scouts—but don’t worry: your purchase will still benefit the Girl Scouts.

I’ve got a fiver in my pocket and a Shop-Rite only a mile away, so I think I know what I’m doing with the rest of my day.

Well played, Girl Scouts, well played. World domination is at your fingertips.

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