This 14-year-old girl created a Microsoft Paint masterpiece after watching a Bob Ross video — and she is as shocked as we are

Like many teens, Hailey-Jai Damboise turns to calming, soothing activities when she’s under stress at school. But, her activity of choice led to the creation of a Microsoft Paint masterpiece after watching a Bob Ross video — and Damboise is just as shocked by her own work as we are. A talented digital artist who occasionally shares her work on Tumblr, the teen recently discovered online videos of someone attempting to paint along to Bob Ross with Mario Paint — and she decided to take a stab at it.

Damboise opted to use MS Paint instead, and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

“I honestly expected the picture to turn out really, really horrible since I tried to stay with the normal palette in MS Paint, she told BuzzFeed News.


As Damboise continued “painting” on the Microsoft program, she found some much-needed stress relief.

“It felt oddly calming and actually really, really soothing, she said. “I had a lot of stress from school at the time.

In fact, Damboise became so immersed in the joy of creating the art that she didn’t realize the beauty of her creation –until she completed the piece and took a step back to take a good look at it.


She candidly signed her work with the caption “HOW” and described Ross as a “gifted god.”

Although Damboise says she’s still “confused” by how she managed to unwittingly create such a beautiful masterpiece, she encourages others to take a stab at it because we may surprise ourselves, too.


And, hey, even if our work turns out to be a total disaster that we’ll never share on Tumblr, we could all use a healthy distraction from the stress of work or school — and this is a pretty awesome way to self-soothe.