“Girl Meets World’s” new opening sequence will seriously make you miss “Boy Meets World”

Boy Meets World was a cultural touchstone for a great day of our generation — from the clothing, to the jokes, to the long-lasting relationship between Cory and Topanga. It’s still one of our favorite #RelationshipGoals, and not surprisingly at all, the two of them are still going strong. And still on TV! Boy Meets World grew up and had a darling baby, Girl Meets World. Together they’re one beautiful family.

The newest Meets World series has paid a ton of homages to the former, but this latest one might be the biggest. Ahead of Season 3, the show actually recreated the ~iconic~ Boy Meets World intro from yesteryear. Not the first intro, not the one with the red convertible, but the second one, the one that is dripping with ’90s nostalgia and that whole “candid, home movie” aesthetic. This one:

This new GMW intro totally channels the old one. There’s still a popcorn fight. They’re still making funny faces at the camera. What might be the best, Cory and Topanga (now joined by their son, Auggie) still manage to douse everyone with a bucket of water. Some things never go out of style.


I’m not misty with nostalgia, YOU’RE misty with nostalgia.